Trans Oblivion: Felicity Summer on Feminism and the Perils of Being a Homeless Sex Worker


Trans Ethics: How long have you been camming?

: I have only cammed a few times, my income from sex work has been primarily escorting. I have also done porn. I began escorting two and a half years, webcamming for about one and a half, and started doing porn in August 2014.

TE: What did you do before getting into sex work?

FS: Oh, everything. I had retail jobs, was a server, and got a pretty thorough minimum wage experience. But I’ve also made a living playing in jazz combos, running market research call centers… Wage work just isn’t for me. I was also an undergrad college student, went to two different universities. The year I started sex work I was going to Portland State and was an teacher’s assistant for Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality studies.

TE: Did you consider going into teaching? Continue reading