Trans Controversial: Kelly Klaymour on the Sex Industry, SJWs, and Ethics in Feminism


TransEthics: What is it that first attracted you to sex work?

Kelly Klaymour: I thought there was way more money in it than there actually is… like enough to pay for SRS kind of scrilla. [But] little did I know… (laughs) Plus, I never have really had issue with being naked, so hey why not get to bone [girls who are] way out of my league and –what I thought would be– a decent living. (laughter)

TE: You mentioned before that you tend to be a bit more conservative than others I’ve interviewed. Would you expand a little on that?

KK: Sure thing. I had considered myself quite far on the left side, until being apart of this community for an extended amount of time. I’ve slowly realized I’m what’s considered a “shitlord” of sorts now (laughs). I guess my main issue that ends up blowing up into debates over social media is my opinion that nobody is entitled to [porn]work, and that I support the industry as a free market capitalistic complex.

TE: Having said that, I’ve noticed there seems to be a very public struggle on social media between independent porn studios, and the established big-name TS porn companies. Do you have any thoughts on that?

KK: Studios-wise I can only think of Courtney Trouble’s charge against the use of the words “Shemale”, “Tranny” etc…, is that what you’re referring to or have I missed some juicy new drama?

TE: (laughter) That is the loudest controversy out there at this point…

KK: Hahaha! Thank God it is finally blowing over, though. That and these militant attacks on companies that don’t shoot TS content like Twistys, Brazzers, etc… for not hiring on trans performers.

Sure I can comment on the use of the words! –I couldn’t be bothered by them. They keep porn with porn, resources with resources. They are BY FAR the highest search term hits, especially for non-native English-speaking persons… and when it comes down to it, I’m not doing this for the fun of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fucking blast! I’m doing it for the money. You bet your tight little asshole I’m hashtagging, tumblr tagging, etc… EVERYTHING with those so I can get more views that lead to more joins, more clip sales, etc so I can pay my stupid rent bill every month lol.

And on the topic so often brought up: “These terms [slurs] continue the dehumanization of transgender persons in real life” — That’s an opinion… an opinion I disagree with. Having met so many TS porn fans –my podcast friends, radio DJs, fans at events, bars, airports, etc… — hell no. Just no. They’re incredibly kind, more so than the Regular Joe walking down the street. There’s always going to be made up silly words out there, but that’s all they are. I believe in thick skin..and that’s what I have to say about that.

TE: Do you think this kind of in-fighting is counter-productive to the industry?

KK: Absolutely. It’s just incessant bitching and bickering [which is] in my belief being used as a marketing ploy via attention and appealing to the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) community. They love to talk about fetishization… I think they’re fetishizing their minority status and reaching for anything remotely possible to act offended by for the attention of it. Hence blowing non-issues out of proportion.

I don’t mean to talk your ear off with my bias. (laughs) This has all just gotten so out of control that I’m totally ticked off by it all.

TE: That’s fine. It’s good to have differing viewpoints presented. Speaking of the “SJW community”, your twitter profile proclaims that you’re a “Slayer of SJWs”. What do you mean by that?

KK: (bursts out laughing) Exactly just that. I have a low tolerance for bullshit. I hate sugar-coating, beating-around-the-bush, etc. I’m also strongly opinionated, so when I see something being spouted off from atop a high horse with an unhealthy splash of entitlement, I jump in head first. 90% of the debates I jump into stem from “SJW” rhetoric, so they’re my main “foe”.

TE: Do you consider yourself a feminist?

KK: Absolutely! Equal rights for all. There are a lot of factions and waves of feminism I don’t agree with, though. Like the misandrists to name one… but in the true definition of feminism, of course I think women are entitled to the same equal rights as men!

TE: How do you respond to feminists who say that sex work is unethical, and there needs to be an end to the demand for it?

KK: I’d ask them to elaborate, and explain what has led them to that conclusion. I do like to play devil’s advocate before any good open discourse, so I try to find out where they’re coming from –even if I know we’ll likely be debating it.

TE: Feminists who are against sex work claim that sex work is degrading to women, promotes violence against women, and is inherently undesirable. How do you respond to that point of view?

KK: I’m open to hearing some statistics to sway my mind for sure, but otherwise it seems like yet another baseless claim. I’d like to know what they have to say about, say FemDom?

TE: Can you elaborate on FemDom for me?

KK: The women in that genre, in my opinion, embody the essence of [female] power. Well its whole “thing” is Female Domination. Either dominating men, women, or the non-binary community’s members. They are in complete control over the bottom. I think it’s hardly “degrading”. I’d love to see the spin someone could put on it, though. They never cease to amaze lol.

TE: How do you personally define ethical sex work?

KK: If both parties are consenting, it’s usually going to be okay in my book. Some special cases, though, can arise from one’s own morality clauses. Take a recent event for instance.

A certain TS production company, who shall remain nameless, released a cuckhold scene that portrayed a ~4’10” child playing on a playground while daddy and stepmommy watched her. [Said “child” was played by an 18+ year old actress.] They then went back and the stepmom cuckholded the father as she fucked a different guy. The father then sat the “little girl” up on his lap and convinced her to go take part.

Shit like that, and the limp-fetish are unsettling.

I still haven’t decided which side of the fence I’m on about it regarding my own morality clauses. One on side the argument is “It’s just fantasy”… “It’s letting people with closeted paedophilia and rape tendencies live out a fantasy where nobody is actually affected”. But on the other side of the fence, I think back to when I had to see a shrink for gender dysphoria and depression. The shrink made it clear that masturbating to a thought only reinforced it, and led to acting on it….

So my gut tells me it’s wrong, and in my opinion, unethical as it may lead to these people acting on their sick twisted impulses. I’d love to see some evidence regarding either side, though.

All that being said, the Supreme Court did rule that “portraying a minor engaging in sexual conduct” for porn was legal, so my opinion isn’t going to matter except to my own decisions on whether to accept a scene or not.

TE: What did you do before you got into sex work?

KK: The glorious world of the service industry. I hated it. (laughter)

TE: I know that feeling well. What did it feel like then, for you to go from the service industry to winning Best New Face at the Transgender Erotica Awards this year?

KK: Bittersweet. While it’s been such an honour to have gotten such recognition, love, and support from so many people..The reason I got into this was for SRS, which I’m still not even close to being able to afford. To take the leap into doing this (taking quite a bit of courage), rising up so far, yet still be broke all of the time and have nothing to show for it in the way of my actual goal is definitely bittersweet.

TE: Do you think people who pirate porn are to blame for you (and other models) still being on the brink of poverty?

KK: Completely. I don’t know where they think professional porn is going to be coming from here in the next few years if they don’t pay for it. They’re gonna be stuck with all fixed angle or POV (Point Of View) camera phone crap that exhibitionist put up for the thrill of it. They don’t realize there is no incentive other than profit for us to continue. This is a job.

I had a clip end up on a tube site once that I made a total of $7 on… It had over sixty-thousand views on it! If even 1% of those people had the ethical sense to pay for it, that’d be AMAZING!

TE: What’s your favorite kind of scene to shoot?

KK: Hardcores for sure… and in more of a bottom roll. The hardcores are why I’ve stayed as long as I have. There’s nothing better than 2 professionals of sex going at it!

TE: Is there a demographic of partner you prefer sexually?

KK: I do claim the term “Vagitarian” (laughter), but for women exclusively. I’d say primarily cis women, but I’d totally be open to post-op trans women –I’ve yet to ever meet a post op trans woman I was attracted to, though.
Aesthetically speaking, I gravitate towards blondes or neon-colored. Really I just am most attracted to femmes and stemmes with a pretty face, and slim or toned body. Breast size, donk size, all that jazz –I don’t care.

One more thing, as I know that’s going to spark backlash– I exclude pre-op trans women because I just don’t like the physicality of penis. I don’t enjoy topping or bottoming anally, and whether it’s a scene, or a personal relationship, sex is going to be apart of it.

I get a lot of hate for that one.

TE: Do you consider yourself a lesbian then?

KK: I do. I live as the gender construct of “female”, and I’m attracted solely to other females. I can add that as I do in fact recognize that I am not the physically the female sex, I’m living as the gender.

TE: When you came out as trans, how did your family respond?

KK: Not to well. I can elaborate, but it’s not a happy tale.

TE: Okay. We won’t go there then. What would you like to be doing in five years?

KK: Hopefully working a job I am passionate about, being settled down, raising a family, all that jazz.

TE: What would that ideal job be?

KK: I took German all the way up to the AP level my junior year of High School. Got our school districts first ever 5 on it. Turns out German is pretty pointless to learn in terms of a job. They all take English from something like 4th grade on as a core class. I loved it though. I had a French Au Pair friend that would teach me French everyday and I loved it too. I really like foreign languages, so I’d like to get to interpret for a living. Had I not plastered my naked self all over the web, I would have shot for United Nations or something, but that’s kind of out the window now (laughs). I’d ideally like diplomatic work like that, though. Wars can get started by miscommunication –and if I could speak some rarely learned languages and get to use that, and bridge some peace between people, that’d be great. If I get a college degree I’m totally going for Peace Corps.

TE: That’s awesome! Just one last question: What advice would you give to a trans woman considering entering the sex industry?

KK: So much (laughter). I’m planning on writing a huge piece myself on this subject once I’m done. There are so many things I wish I would’ve had known, instead of learned on my own.

Most importantly ONLY do it if:

  • you don’t care about your friends and family finding out
  • you don’t ever want a high-profile job
  • you realize you cannot make a living off of porn alone
  • you aren’t shy

If you’re good with all that, have at it Sport! You’re about to get blasted off into a whole ‘nubba level of society that you never knew existed. And you’re going to have the best sex of your life… civvies and muggles will only let you down from this point on!

TE: Well put. Thanks for chatting with us today, Kelly.

KK: My pleasure! Hope this doesn’t cause too big of an uproar for you! (laughter) It’s been fun.

TE: Did we forget anything?

KK: If I can get a plug for my website and upcoming feature DVD that’d be great!

TE: Of course! Tell us about your DVD.

KK: My DVD is a secret cast, and secret theme of amazingness! All the proceeds from it will be going to my SRS fund. 4 hardcore performers with top names of the industry along a fun, campy, story-line.

TE: Sounds interesting! I look forward to it. Thank you Kelly!

KK: Cool deal!

Visit Kelly’s website!

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