Trans Schooling: Kelli Lox on Drugs, Sexuality, and an Academy for Trans Girls


TransEthics: What do you do besides escorting?

Kelli Lox: I star in porn, and I have lots of projects in the works. And I interact with fans and peers on twitter. which is super fun.

TE: Your tweets are both insightful and witty. What inspires your sense of humor?

KL: Well… my PR lady tells me not to talk about drugs in interviews, so … ummmm. … I guess my love of history, and science, and real-world interests and hobbies. I genuinely find so many things interesting and I love being able to share that. I like taking things that ppl don’t see often together, like spirituality and sex, or history and sex, or, well anything plus sex really (laughs) and putting them together in novel ways that makes people think while they laugh, and pull down their pants to masturbate. I have that freedom to tweet about anything I want to, and the brains to make it clever, thank goodness. Sometimes, I am actually educating people about something, but really I’m just making a dumb joke. I love that.

TE: You realize that having mentioned drugs, I need to ask this: Do you thing drug use is more common among trans women than the population as a whole?

KL: No. I think drug use among trans women is the same as any segment of population. also, we’d need to define “drugs” to answer that question on any serious level.

TE: I don’t consider marijuana to be a drug in this question. I was referring to hard drugs.

KL: Sugar is the hardest drug I’ve ever tried. (laughs) It’s super addictive leaves me feeling like crap when I overdose. (Laughter) I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar but it’s quite difficult. Alcohol and cigarettes are super tricky too. very hard to quit and clearly not good for you in excess.

TE: In reading your timeline today I came across this tweet: “Hey trans girls, being attracted to females does not make you any less female. Don’t judge yourself by men’s judgement of you.” How do you respond to those who would say that trans women can’t be lesbians?

KL: Yes this is actually a big deal to me right now. It’s a major problem in the trans community and for young trans people who are trying to find their way. What is the goal of transitioning? For a guy to think you’re a cis girl? For a guy to treat you the way he treats cis girls? To be objectified the same way men objectify cis girls? To “pass” in men’s eyes? For a lot of [trans women], the answer is “Yes! All of those things”. I think that’s dangerous because (a) it’s reinforcing the oppression of women in our culture: [that] your worth is decided by men, based on your looks, and (b) a lot of trans girls are still attracted to females. If they see this as detracting from their femininity or regressing into male patterns, it can cause a lot of conflicting inner dialogue or even self-loathing.

Part of the female experience is having non-sexual friendships with other females and being attracted to some of them in a more than friends way. If trans girls exclude that from their experience, they are doing themselves a disfavor and reinforcing so many negative stereotypes about both women in general and trans women specifically. That ultimately hurts all of us. Cis women and trans women need to embrace each other and recognize and appreciate the fact that both of their experiences, though different, are both completely valid types of the female experience. I have struggled with this personally because I FUCKEN LOVE PUSSY!

I have had relationships with both guys and girls, and have had to reason with myself and deal with the judgment of others for a long time to figure out what that all means for me. only recently have I been able to articulate it on twitter. One follower said “We don’t deserve an explanation of who you’re attracted to. You aren’t obligated to explain it to us or justify anything.” I responded that I am living the transgender experience openly, that’s what I’m doing, and I want to share the cool parts, the scary parts, the confusing parts, and my private parts. (laughs) Just kidding. I have no private parts. They are very public too.

TE: (Laughter) Do you have a preference as to whom you would like a more intimate relationship with?

KL: I want to say girls but there’s something I need from guys too. That’s why I end up mostly with couples! Many of my closest friends are couples. Even when I’m out and about I end up flirting with couples. I mostly have sex with couples too.

TE: Have you done shoots with other trans women?

KL: Yes. I did a scene with Joanna Jet (I love her so much!) in the UK a while ago. Umm who else……? Shit that may be the only scene I’ve done with another trans woman!

TE: Would you do a scene with another trans woman in the future?

KL: For sure!

TE: How did you get into the sex industry?

KL: It all started in college. I was modeling for the art department. It was nude modeling… holding interesting poses for set amounts of time for drawing classes. I was really good at it, it turns out and I was making money. I really liked it too. Fast forward to a few years ago when I transitioned: I realized I missed modeling, so I did a shoot with a photographer friend of mine and I made a profile on a modeling site online. I started getting gigs that way. Some were paid, but most of them were trade-for-content shoots. Well, after a while of doing that, I started to get asked by photographers if I would be willing to do this or that during a shoot. One of them was clearly, without a doubt, porn. That was my first shoot with Radius Dark for Grooby. You can still find it online today (laughs) That’s when Kelli Lox was born. It’s funny to look at it now because I wasn’t very far along in my transition, and also I had no clue how to do my hair and makeup. (Laughter)

TE: What are some of the other projects you have in the works?

KL: One of them is a boarding school for struggling trans girls. It’s basically a stable living situation for them, with a positive and healthy support network, with the goal of obtaining education and a way to make a living that they can be proud of. We actually send them to college classes and they are required to keep their grades up. There is also porn and a reality show involved, and the audience gets to follow the students making difficult decisions and watching them strive for success, and have fun without endangering their futures. We will start accepting applications later this fall or early next year. it’s called [the] “Kelli Lox Academy for Wayward TGirls”. It’s about entertainment, of course, but the result is providing a better future for trans women who otherwise would not have thrived. I am looking for investors currently because this really takes a ton of money to make it happen and to make it successful. Plus, it’s a boarding school… with uniforms!  CUTE!!! Keep your eyes peeled for some online fundraising effort.

TE: How much do you think you would need from investors?

KL: I have been trying to nail that down as well, and it really comes down to different parts. Right now we are having the website built, and although it’s pretty simple in its initial phase, once we get chugging along it will require a good chunk of change. Then to hire faculty and develop a cast and make a sizzle reel etc. We’re talking $50,000 just to make it go. I’m focusing on generating buzz right now, building up some interest. Once it gains momentum there will be no stopping it.

TE: It’s a wonderful idea, Kelli. Trans women need something like this.

KL: yes I’ve heard [young trans women] rule out a college education as if its beyond their reach for some reason. Or entirely impossible, or something that they can’t do or that is off-limits to them. [They think that] stable healthy careers are not an option, and getting a degree is somehow an absurd idea for trans girls.I say FUCKEN BULLSHIT! COMPLETE BULLSHIT! Trans girls have just as much right to educate themselves and make a living in a field of their choosing. Whatever life a trans girl wants to lead, is a 100% viable option. I feel very strongly about this and that’s why the school is named after me.

TE: Would you call your Academy a form of activism?

KL: Yes, but that probably makes people think of marching down a street with signs yelling and shit. This is NOT that. This is making the rubber meet the road. This is making change happen. This is helping real people improve their lives and the lives of those around them. This is changing society. No marching or sign-making — these girls are studying for exams. [There’s] no time to march down a street with a sign.

TE: I’ll certainly follow-up with you more when the ground work is laid out. You mentioned that your school is going to teach about porn as well?

KL: No. The girls will have the option of starring in porn scenes if they want to. And the audience gets to share in them making that decision. If they choose to do it, the audience follows their nervousness as they get ready etc. If people want to see the scene, they have to join and pay. The money goes back to the school. At the end of a scene, we offer either cash to the girl, or money towards college. The audience gets to follow in the struggles and consequences of those decisions. And i haven’t even mentioned the witchcraft aspect which is an undercurrent of the boarding school itself (laughs) but you’ll have to tune in and watch.

TE: How do you respond to those who say porn is unethical?

KL: SUCK MY DICK. (Laughter) People like to judge other people. It makes them feel better about themselves. It always been that way and always will. People are shitty in that way. Even good people are sometimes shitty in that way. It feels good to put others down. Its fucked up but there it is. Porn is an easy target for that. People who star in porn are easy targets for that. Someone might say “porn is unethical” but what they’re really saying is “See those people over there? I’m better than them!”

Charging interest on loans is unethical. Jesus. Mohammed and every other religious leader said so specifically, and it’s written down for all to see. It was called “usury” in those days. Why isn’t there anyone railing about how unethical that is? [It’s] not as easy a target as porn.

TE: Just one more question for you: If you could speak something to the world and have it resonate with everyone, what would you say?

KL: I”M FUCKABLE! (Laughter) Scream it from the mountaintops! Let everyone know KELLI LOX IS VERY FUCKABLE! I’m a good snuggler too.

TE: Awesome! Thank you for spending your evening with us.

KL: I had a great time!!!

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