Trans Acceptance: Ryder Monroe on Community, the Transgender Erotica Awards, and Music!


Trans Ethics: The Transgender Erotica Awards were this last weekend, and you were nominated. I was trying to keep up, but I was really busy. Did you win?

Ryder Monroe: Nope. I’ve been nominated the last four years multiple times, but I have yet to win anything. I like to think I’m the Susan Lucci of transsexual porn. (laughter)

TE: I spoke with a few of the models over the weekend and I got the sense that the Transgender Erotica Awards (TEAs) is both a positive and negative event. What effect do you feel they have on the Industry?

RM: I think its mostly a positive effect, especially since they changed the name (from “The Tranny Awards”). There’s so much bias against TS performers (and TS women in general). We deserve an award show of our own that understands and appreciates the porn we make… and just the beauty, and all around bad-assery that is trans women. Continue reading