Press Release: Performers Speak Out Campaign


Editor’s note: I was recently contacted by a trans woman who is a sex worker, and someone I have interviewed on this blog. I’ve followed her Twitter account for several years, as well as many others in the Industry. The issue of abuse which occurs in the Industry is not a new topic. She has asked me to post this press release to help shed some light on this difficult and heartbreaking subject.

Now is the right climate to come clean about our industry as a whole, but specifically to point out a very toxic problem that has long been swept under the rug as “part of the job” for far too long. Just because someone works in sex work, that does not mean that they cannot be subjected to sexual assault, harassment or abuse within the industry. It does not make it any less valid and we should never have to live with it. Hollywood and the mainstream entertainment industry are throwing out their abusers, the adult entertainment industry should not have to be regarded any different. This is not an employment industry, race, gender, sex…etc specific issue. This is an abuse of power and false normalization of circumstances issue.

This has been happening for decades and longer but victims and survivors have been scared into keeping it a secret due to the culture. Sometimes by their abusers and sometimes by the negative and shameful reactions from society or their fear of committing “career suicide”. This is all coming to a head now and the climate around such events has changed something amazing and people are actually listening and responding positively to the accounts of these horrendous acts. I’ve said it before and I will say it again now if there was ever a perfect time to come forward and speak out and tell your story, it is now. Together our stories are making a difference and will bring about change for the better.

Someone who has perpetrated an egregious amount of harm over the course of many years, Christian XXX. Whether you are BBW, trans, cis, or POC performer he will try to belittle you and make you feel like shit. He has a firm grip on those who have worked with him when desperate for money. Bad people last far too long because they are not bad to everybody but if you do not stand up for yourself and he sees you as weak, he will take advantage of and possibly abuse you. I will not go too far into detail here but 12 different cases from his victims/survivors, sometimes multiple accounts… of his actions are listed on the site linked below.

Added just recently there is another case of unprofessional and abusive behavior by another perpetrator, Nica Noelle as well. This brings our total voices to 13 as of now.

We come together to ask you to please publish an article or signal boost this in your respects that hopefully, it will garner enough of a response to go farther than it already has, hopefully enacting change for the better. In no way is Christian XXX the only perpetrator in the industry but from the voices that have spoken out up until now, he is our abuser and/or harasser. At this time, please help us expose Christian XXX so he can no longer harm any more performers going forward.

Together, our voices.

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